Speedly Network Speed Enhancer

Speedly is the ultimate in Internet speed enhancing and monitoring technology. Using the latest in modern server innovations, Speedly can significantly improve your web browsing speed. The majority of all web-browsing users enjoy the benefits of faster web browsing and now you have the same opportunity. This is all possible by offering you free usage of our state of the art DNS server. Furthermore, Speedly also ensures safe web browsing by blocking malware-infected sites and provides you with real time browsing speed. And last but not least speedly can make DNS-level blocked websites reachable again

  • Advanced network speed monitoring app
  • Free to download, free to use
  • Free usage of our state of the art DNS server
  • Superfast URL resolving
  • Protects you against malware
  • Optimized for performance for all browsers
  • Low internal resource usage
  • Reach blocked websites
I've never seen my browser resolve URLs that fast and now I can even monitor my bandwith with a minimum impact on system performance!

What is a "Dynamic Name Service Server" and is it safe to use?

It is not only safe, it is mandatory. Whenever you are browsing the internet all your traffic runs through a DNS-Server. What most people don't know is: You got the freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a DNS server!

Why is Speedly making browsing more secure?

Why is Speedly making browsing faster?

How does speedly show blocked sites?